Descrição de GPS Navigator

When you travel, hiking or fishing, save your position like parked car, shelter or hotel, and navigate back following the guiding arrow.

- Save your current GPS position like parked car, your hotel or mountain hut
- Navigate back to saved positions - navigator provides: direction, speed, estimated time of arrival, compass, progress, your current coordinates and destination coordinates.
- Navigate to GPS position by entering manually coordinates (for example taken form google maps)
- Use it as a simple compass with declination correction and magnetic field strength display.
- Share your current coordinates.
- Show your current coordinates and you position and direction on map (if internet connection is available)
- Show current street address (if internet conection is available)
- Tap on navigator displays to change readings
- Tap and hod on map to save position
- Display sunrise and sunset information
- Get GPS current altitude
- Flashlight in navigation screen
- ImportExport GPX files
This app is free to use and don't need internet connection.
You can use it when travelling abroad where expensive internet is not required.
Supports imperial and metric systems, changeable backgrounds and power saving mode.

NB: For accurate direction hold the phone in horizontal position (just like a real compass).
Мagnetic readings above 60 micro Tesla (you can switch to this display by tapping on center of compass) means magnetic interference or uncalibrated sensor.
To calibrate the sensor rotate the device in all directions.
Accuracy of GPS altitude may vary in range of 50 meters.


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  • Versão do APK
  • Compatibilidade Android
    4.0.1 - 4.0.2+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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    cpp luxeomobile